Seeing your woman cry during sex is a distinctly unnerving prospect for any man, since it could have any number of explanations – not all of them too palatable. Crygasm claims to be the world’s first ‘emotional’ porn site, offering a combination of crying and orgasms. As far as I can tell this is indeed a unique concept as far as porn sites go, so top marks for originality. Novelty doesn’t get you everywhere, of course, even in porn, so good quality content will also be needed.

The site is still a newcomer, with 25 episodes at the time of writing. A new scene is added every week, however, which means the collection is progressing steadily. The stars of this tearfest are mostly well known American girls such as Rachel Roxxx and Allison Pierce, and it’s good to see that – so far – every single episode has featured a new model. The clips are all solo scenes – there is no male or girl-girl action involved here.

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She will be crying. soon!

Some of the episodes have a spurious theme that explains why the girl is so upset. However, and this is one possible criticism of the content, it’s usually not until the end of the scene that the crying starts. The idea is that the orgasm itself is what makes the girls cry. They usually start off quite cheerful, in fact, and most of the scenes are indistinguishable from standard masturbation flicks until the last few minutes. When the tears do flow, they are reasonably authentic by porno standards – these are adult actresses, after all, not Academy Award winners.

One thing the site has got absolutely spot on is video quality. All of the scenes are available in sensational, ultra high-definition quality, something that even in these high-tech times is still far from standard across the online adult world. Download options are good, too, with three Windows formats and an iPhone version available. The pictures are equally great, and I like the neat navigational bars in the photo galleries that allow you to skip quickly through the images.

Crygasm is an admirable effort to try something new, and while with such sites the lingering question is usually whether anyone would get a kick out of the type of material, the sexiness of the girls and the very high technical standards means this site is of more than just niche interest. Personally I would love to see them explore the idea even further, something that will become more important in time in order that the scenes don’t become too samey and the concept stale as a result.

She is getting casted to sped some tears

Sorry folks, the website crygasm dot com is discontinued and no longer online.

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