‘It’s a naked world!’ proclaims Coccozella’s home page, a mouth-watering tagline if ever there was one. Well, maybe it used to be a naked world, before the first textile tycoons rocked up and dazzled the primitive cavemen and caveladies with the latest absolutely must-have bearskin designs. These days most people go about their daily business covered up, alas. For all those occasions when that is not the case, however, Coccozella gallantly steps in to immortalise proceedings.

Coccozella is not just about beach nudes, but public nudity events with erotic fighting.

Coccozella is not just about beach nudes, but public nudity events with erotic fighting.

Coccozella is a self-styled public nudity community site. This means, firstly, that all of the content is user-submitted. The site also has a strong, well-defined ethos: for these folks, being naked in public is something to be enjoyed and celebrated. They seem interested as much in the experience of public nudity as the opportunity for human eye candy it provides. This feeds through into the nature of the material, which has less of a voyeuristic flavour than that found on comparable sites (explicit stuff, though far less of it, can be found on their sister site Coccospice).

The content is split pretty evenly between beach material (roughly half nudist beach, half topless) and public-event style nudity. Impressively, by virtue of the amount of material coming in from their users, the site is able to update with two new galleries every day. The resolution of each gallery is classified as either ‘huge’ (circa 1200 pixels), ‘large’ (1000 pixels), ‘medium’ (800 pixels) or ‘small’ (600 pixels). Almost all of the new galleries are either ‘huge’ or ‘large’ and, it must be said, for what is essentially amateur content, the quality is excellent. In fact the picture archive makes for a good lesson in the history of the digital camera, with discernible improvements in sharpness and resolution year-on-year. The video section is much smaller, and is essentially a preview area for their DVD store. The technical quality of the clips varies quite a bit, and certainly for nude beach footage there is a lot better out there, but they do have some relatively rare footage of events such as the World Naked Bike Ride. A few of the videos are described as being in high definition, though with a resolution of 960×540 and bitrate of 1600k, that is straining the term considerably. Helpfully, all of the galleries are fully searchable by a range of criteria including category, contributor, year, event and amount of male nudity.

Coccozella is all about capturing the sense of exhilaration or freedom of being naked in a public place. They have amassed a wealth of amazing content from a huge range of locations and events, and back that up with some great site features and a unique vision. At the moment, this could well be ‘the’ place on the internet for public nudity.

Visit: Coccozella

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