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Club Katsuni is the official site of the ever-popular French model who does a variety of softcore and hardcore work. According to everyone’s favourite free online encyclopedia, she used to go by the name of Katsumi but got into some legal bother by virtue of another woman using the same name, so she switched to Katsuni. Her mixed Oriental background – she is half-Vietnamese on her father’s side – is evident in her distinctive (and distinctively gorgeous) eyes and other body features. This is a fairly new production featuring Katsuni and selected members of her circle of sexy friends.


Toned like a fitness model. French Vietnamese actress and model Katsuni hides nothing at all.

The content is a mixed bag of solo posing, masturbation, lesbian sex, boy-girl hardcore and candid stuff. She’s no stranger to more extreme sex, and there are some anal, interracial and group sex scenes on the site. Most of the clips are around the 5 to 15 minute mark, though I did encounter one that was 40 minutes long. For that reason alone this is not a site you’ll be done with too quickly. The video is good quality, and there are plenty of options too, though, navigationally speaking, having to click on the low resolution option to access those particular download links seemed a bit unnecessarily cumbersome to me.

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Sample image from Club Katsuni website

The picture content isn’t quite as appealing, as there are only a handful of galleries and the 800-pixel images are on the small side. There are some behind the scenes photos, at least, providing some insight into her personal life, and to that degree Katsuni keeps a blog which she updates every now and then. Seeing as this model can be found on plenty of other sites, this is an essential component of the site. Updates used to be quite frequent; they are now less so but they still come at a trickle. Updates across the whole network – and there are plenty of bonus sites offered – are much more frequent, which helps soften the blow of Katsuni’s site still needing time to develop into something truly substantial.

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Romantic, erotic and sensous. Katsuni creates dreams and desires.

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