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Celebrities on Net is one of those all-singing, all-dancing celeb sites that offers content across the celeb niche. So whether it’s sex tapes, film nudity, paparazzi shots or fashion shoots you’re after, you’re sure to find something to enjoy here.

The picture collection is probably its most impressive feature, with a good range of images of various types, including candid shots, magazine shoots and movie screenshots. The pictures are categorised according to the level of nudity (nude, bikini or sexy), though in many cases a lot of the photos are simply in a generic ‘unsorted’ category. Obviously none of this is exclusive, but the site does a decent job of collating the best pictures out there, especially of the uber-famous celebs, which will save you some Googling time.

Less impressive is the video collection, which has quite a limited number of nude scenes from movies in particular. But the site offers most of the more well known celeb sex tapes (there are 29 so far), including notorious fakes such as the ‘Meg White’ video. But if you’re after celeb nudity in mainstream cinema, this site probably isn’t your best bet, especially as it’s quite clear that the content is sourced from elsewhere on the web and quality varies from half-decent to downright atrocious. More tellingly, this isn’t a large enough collection that I’d be confident of finding a celeb I particularly wanted to see.

Judging by the preview pages, I was expecting a very much flashier site design (I really should know better by now), whereas in fact the interface is distinctly bog-standard. At least there is a reasonable search function, including a free text search as well as keywords for occupation (actress, model, singer and so on) and content type (nude, bikini, hardcore, etc). You can even search by the thoroughly macabre ‘date of death’ …

It’s not clear when the site updates, as no dates are given, but there’s enough here already to keep you occupied for a while, especially if you’re interested in pictures. But given that this is non-exclusive content, the collection is distinctly predictable. It’s not an unenjoyable site, but it’s sadly lacking in any real selling point.

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