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Celeb Nude Video is the new incarnation of Celebs ‘n’ Vintage, which was a forum-based nude celebrity site that used a pretty frustrating archive system in which videos from older posts had to be requested. That site has been rebranded and redesigned and, although the forum still exists, the new site features a browsable archive enabling much easier access to particular movies. That is definitely a good move, so let’s hope the content is up to scratch.

Despite its name, the site contains a large amount of pictures – over one and a half million in fact. Although they are obviously non-exclusive, that is still an enormous collection, though there is the predictable variety in resolution and quality of the images and the actual presentation of the archive is pretty basic to say the least. The navigation options are quite nifty, however. Users can either take the quick route by displaying all the photos of a certain actress, or they can navigate to a separate page for each actress which sorts the images into different resolutions, different photo sources (public appearances, magazine shoots, vidcaps) and different levels of nudity (dressed, sexy, see-through, topless, nude). It’s not perfect, but it works pretty well.

With regard to videos, the browsable movie archive really is a huge improvement on the former forum-only approach. More than 16,000 clips have been uploaded, so the archive is sizeable enough, and over 10,000 of the scenes contain either topless or full-frontal nudity. The clips are sourced from a range of ‘artists’, so there is no standard resolution or bitrate, though most are DivX files at or near native DVD resolution. There are also a growing number of high definition clips to date – it’s not the biggest collection on the internet by any means, but certainly a lot more than many celeb sites have at the moment.

The video section can also be divided into ‘main’ and ‘B movie’ categories, which is a sensible if limited attempt at categorisation. Updates arrive at a reasonable rate of about ten clips per day, though they aren’t grouped by movie, which makes things a little more disjointed than they might be. Movie coverage is pretty good, with most of the obvious stuff present, together with a smattering of rarer non-English language films, though perhaps slightly less of the softcore B-movie material than you might find elsewhere.

Site design is pretty basic, despite the overhaul that came with the name change. The video section also uses a fairly involved navigational system. The thumbnails on each actress or movie page lead to a separate page for each clip, which contains information about the clip together with the option of streaming video or a download link. Full marks for detail, though one downside is that it’s quite a pain to download all of the clips from a particular actress or movie, since it demands navigating through several pages.

Although the transition from standard community celeb site to more organised archive has not been achieved flawlessly here, this has now become an impressively sized and pretty usable collection. The amount of pictures gives it an edge over one or two of its competitors, as well.

Sorry, but Celeb Nude Video ceased operation.

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