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Everybody knows white sand, blue waters and hot temperatures are one part of a perfect beach experience. What really puts the whip cream on the penis is watching nubile locals sun bathing and strolling around without their bikini tops. If that’s what you are looking for, Candid Rio is just the perfect ride.

Candid Rio is a videos-only site. Unusually, for a beach voyeur site featuring amateurs, a lot of the content here isn’t strictly speaking voyeuristic. The girls typically know the camera is present, and for the most part carry on as normal (or smile at the camera, often a little embarrassed). This gives the action a unique and interesting flavor. There are several scenes of topless women dancing and partying with music (clearly part of the whole Rio beach experience), and there is quite a lot of focus on the girls’ asses in some of the clips – in fact a few are just lingering looks at very sexy thong-clad butts. There isn’t much in way of full nudity, but the girls are topless in about half the scenes.

Video quality is reasonable for the latest content– not exactly on a par with some of the high def beach content that is available on the net these days, but perfectly acceptable for this type of candid footage. The clips are anywhere between one minute and five minutes or even more. The longer scenes are broken down into a few parts, but file sizes aren’t big and most people shouldn’t have any trouble with the full video downloads. The collection is large, so even with the short length of the clips you’ll be enjoying this site for quite a while.

Updates aren’t dated, but the site promises weekly additions, which is reasonable. The site is simply and effectively designed, and although there are no navigational niceties, you won’t need them here. Candid Rio is a straightforward but enjoyable softcore beach production with plenty going for it. I’m not sure there are many other South American topless beach sites, so this production has that unique aspect too.

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