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Interracial sex is quite a popular niche in the straight porn market, but there’s a little less of it about when it comes to girl-girl action. Black and White Lesbians hopes to redress that imbalance with some hot scenes of white and ebony chicks getting dirty with each other. The site is based on video, only.

It won’t take you long to realize this site could have been called Black and White Lesbian Orgies. Quite a lot of the clips, and especially the latest ones, have at least three girls in them. Some even have four or five, usually with more white girls than ethnic ones, though of course there’s a mixture in every scene. There is also a nice mix of African-American and Hispanic girls (though ‘women’ would probably be more accurate – most of the models here are no spring chickens).

Interracial pussy

Yummy perspective of an Black amateur being eaten out by her White girlfriend.

The scenes are fairly standard ones with lots of pussy licking, dildo and strap-on use. The scenes are professionally shot and the locations – including some outdoor scenes by the pool – are classy, but there’s no real variety or imagination here. Personally speaking I found the one-on-one scenes more enjoyable, perhaps because they give a greater feeling of the action being truly interracial rather than simply a mass of naked bodies.

Two downloadable video options are available in addition to the streaming option, though downloading is perhaps recommended in view of the file sizes, which can be as big as 300 megabytes even for the lower resolution version (and no smaller clips are offered). The DVD-resolution picture looks pretty good, however. And if you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned pictures yet, that’s because there aren’t any apart from screenshots.

Muffy scene at a couple's home.

Muffy scene at a couple’s home.

Another potential area of improvement is updating. It looks like you have to wait about a month for a new scene here, so you’ll likely be making plentiful use of the three bonus sites (on related themes). I didn’t really get the impression that this twist on the lesbian angle was a must-see, but the interracial and group element will no doubt pique people’s interest, and with reasonable quality and the bonus sites too this one is worth considering.

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