The attribute “bellissima” means as much as very beautiful in Italian language. It’s most frequently used to address or describe a beautiful woman. In conclusion Bellisimas dot com website is all about the beauty of naked women of course. In this state beauty is more conceivable than in any other context of course.

Southern European women are respected for their sophistication in many areas such as politics and culture. They are also known for healthy lifestyles and to be fitness nerds. Many European fighting sport champions are either from Italy, Greece or Spain where they out-perform their male colleagues by wide margins. Kickboxing, boxing, karate and Muay Thai competition often rank South Europeans in the highest ranks. No wonder why Belissimas website includes erotic poses of women during heavy bag workouts dresses with not much else than Twins Muay Thai gloves.

Belissimas headlined Hispanic models for many years. The majority of the models were regular women who had little exposure to erotic industry at all. They were mostly first timers who wanted to explore creative options of self expression and sideline jobbing. Unfortunately, it became growingly impossible to recruit fresh models of that quality with increasing popularity of file sharing and social media sites and Bellisismas dot had to close its doors for good.

Glazing at such strong and fit boxing women it seems like a big loss in retrospect. At least we take one experience away from the images. Kickboxing girls do wear panties underneath their Muay Thai shorts. I guess upskirt lovers might be a bit disappointed about it while used panty buyers may have found a new source of purchasing opportunities.

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