Being Good Neighbors 1

All through the summer, the two neighbors had innocently flirted. In the housing development they lived in the residents frequently had group cook outs or just small gatherings on each others patios to enjoy the evenings. Debbie lived on one end of the townhouse grouping with her husband Robert and John on the other end with his spouse Pat. Pat’s Thia name was Mya.
Debbie was an attractive blonde with a trim figure and great smile. She was also frustrated with her daily life as a homemaker. John had from first meeting her until now fantasized about sleeping with her. Lately at the neighborhood hangouts, the two would go out of their way to sneak a slight touch or brush of bodies when they could. John ran a home based business and the two would have coffee mornings together. Sometimes their spouses would join the morning ritual of pastries and fresh java. Neither partner had noticed the light flirting going on between Deb and John.
Robert worked as a business development manager and was frequently gone for as long as three weeks. John’s wife loved to gamble and every other weekend left for Vegas with girlfriends to play. This was one of those weekends where the pair were home alone. The two and a couple other neighbors spent a few hours this Friday sipping a few drinks on John’s patio. Around six o’clock, the group had dwindled to just John and Deb. “Well, I see we both have a quiet weekend ahead,” she said. He chuckled, “Actually I have all week. Pat is in Vegas for a week this time. At least she doesn’t gamble too big,” he replied.
Deb glanced at him and thought. She scanned the area and saw no peering eyes. “I have an idea, let me fix dinner for us both,” she said. John smiled at her and said, “Sure, that might be nice. I have a great bottle of wine I can bring.” His answer made her shiver slightly and blush. Lightly she touched his hand and thanked him, “Thank you John. If I am going to be home, I would like it to be with you.”
He took her hand and the wine and they walked the few yards to her place. Deb was like a senior college student on a date. The attraction between the two was an open secret. The other neighbors knew they were close, but not just how close or closer they would soon become. John looked at her intently and daydreamed seeing her naked. His cock was stiffening as they entered through her patio door. She turned and closed the panel also pulling the sheer drapes shut. “So do you like pork chops?” Deb asked. “Love ’em,” he replied. He watched her tight ass under the short skirt as she stretched grabbing a package from the freezer. She put it in a pan and filled it with water, “It will take about forty minutes to thaw enough for cooking.” The house was quiet except for the soothing sound of soft jazz coming from down the hall. “Oh, I got that guest room almost finished last week. The bed you gave us fits great. Let me show you,” Deb said. Turning she gripped his hand and pulled him into the hallway and towards the new bedroom. “It still needs a bit of work, but I can have it done soon. The bed seems very comfortable,” she muttered as they walked. John secretly recalled how he had made love to an old girlfriend on that bed. “That it is. I got many of sweet dreams in that bed.” he said plainly. Deb plopped on the bed, “What do you think?” she said smiling. He looked around the room and saw it was coming together nicely. “Looks great,” he said and then teased her, “Have you broke the bed in yet?” She laughed loud and blurted, “No.” Both of them were humored at the joke, but knew he had a hidden meaning. Deb had never cheated on Robert, but if John wanted to break the bed in of sorts with her, she would consider it. When her husband fucked her and imagined it was John making love to her. The past two days she had used her toy and thought about John’s cock pumping into her pussy. For ten minutes or so they talked about what she planned to do with the room. John offered to help if she needed during the next week. Deb’s skirt had slid up her thighs over her crossed legs. He admired her tight legs.
He got lost in thought as he looked at the petite blonde sitting before him. She was chattering away about the things and he wasn’t really listening to her, just taking in her beauty. She noticed it. “Well?” she said.”Uh, yeah!” he exclaimed, snapping back to reality. Deb started laughing, “I saw you lost in thought so I figured I would see if you were listening to me. Do you know what you just agreed to?” she teased.
John grew embarrassed,
“Uh no not really.” Deb giggled, “I asked you if you wanted to help me break in the bed.” His face flushed hearing her say that. “Oh God! Hell you know I would, just do you think it is something we should do?” he asked. She stood and looked at him hiking her skirt up, “John, I think we both know we want to be a little closer. I have never had an affair, but with you I am willing to try if you are.” He shuffled feeling his cock swell to full erection. “Deb you know damned well I would love to be with you. Honestly even if we don’t do the whole act. I have always wanted just to go down on you,” he said.

Deb smiled, she loved oral sex. “Okay, we have some time before I need to start our dinner. Besides, I guess oral is not really cheating,” she said trying to reassure herself. Both of their hearts were pounding with a touch of fear, but more in lust. She grinned at John and slowly undid her white blouse. Her stomach was tight and rippled as it became viewable to John’s eyes. He had seen Deb in shorts and tops, but never seen her naked belly. A black bra cupped her modest breasts and he shivered watching her toss the blouse aside. It was very clear now he was going to taste her sweet pussy. He knew later tonight after dinner he would be in the shower jacking off hard.
The walls of Deb’s pussy were secreting lubrication and female juices. Her husband was not big on eating a woman. The idea that John wanted to do it made her quiver in anticipation. She did a slow strip tease taunting him as she pulled her skirt higher and then reached to free her small tits from the constraints of the bra. John unconsciously stood watching and ran his hand over his crotch. “I will return the favor hun. I enjoy doing it,” Deb said. As close as they had grown, the topic of bedroom activities was a very limited conversational topic between them.
John watched intently as she tossed the bra aside. Deb’s small, but firm mounds were mouth watering. They were capped with a pastel pink pair of nipples that were already erecting. The idea she liked sucking cock excited him. He wondered if she swallowed or not. “Shit you are beautiful,” he stammered watching. He moved closer and cupped one breast. The nipple drilled into his palm hot and hard. Nervously he bent and drew the nipple between his lips. Deb shook hard feeling the rush of intense feeling fill her body. She took his hand and placed it between her legs. John felt the heat and wetness of her pussy through her panties.
As he suckled her chest he tugged her panties aside and ran a finger between her pussy lips. Deb jerked and gasped hard. She reached down and tugged her panties free. She needed to feel John’s mouth between her legs. As he saw her trimmed and swollen female lips glazed in moisture he said, “I have to taste you Deb.” She sat on the bed pulling her skirt up and opening her thighs. A deep tingling filled her belly as she waited.

John knelt down and smelled the light aroma of her sex fill his nostrils. Deb jerked and supported herself on her arms watching him touch her pussy. Gently he explored this forbidden fruit. Her clit was protruding. He knew she was very aroused. The small gap between her small inner lips was glistening from her juices. Deb stared down hypnotized watching him gently touch the intimate areas between her legs. His touches made her jerk and jump on the edge of the bed. The two were at the point where no words were needed. Each knew what was happening and to come. John stroked her thighs and looked up at her. Her eyes were smoky and looked impatient waiting his mouth to cover her sex.
“Oh my God!” Deb cried out as John’s mouth enclosed her pussy. He felt her hips leap to his mouth. Her stomach quaked as the nervous flashes of pleasure raced through her body. John felt and tasted the juices gushing onto his tongue. They were sweet and tangy. He was determined to enjoy this meal and get her to enjoy his actions. Nothing thrilled him more than eating pussy except shooting his load in one. He wanted that, but was satisfied with her offer of staying to just oral play.
Deb jerked and gasped as his tongue and fingers tantalized her inner and outer sensitive spots. As John gently tugged her clit with his lips, he twirled two fingers in her vagina grazing her G-spot. “Uh, ohh!” she moaned each time her hit it. Her hands ran over his forehead and hair as her hips undulated to his face. It surprised her she felt no guilt laying on the bed in her own house with a man other than her husband performing such an intimate act. Deb had worried about sucking John, but now looked forward to it. She could not wait to taste his cock. The taste of her pussy was intoxicating to him. Using his left hand he freed his cock and slowly masturbated himself. John’s cock was leaking huge amounts of pre-cum in the excitement.

“Oh John, you are going to get me off!” Deb cried out gripping his head. He sucked her clit and tender inner lips as he jacked himself. Carefully he sought the small spot in her vagina and found it. “Oh, oh! Right there… God….” she almost yelled as her hips rose off the bedside in orgasm. Deb deep in her mind wanted him to make lover to her, but fought the urge to just tell him to fuck her. She would give him pleasure the next best way… with her mouth.
John’s right hand was soaked in his juices. In a private moment he wanted to have his seed in Deb. He released his dick and moved the hand between her legs. She still wrenched on the bed cumming and he pushed two finger covered with his excretions into her pussy. She gasped hard at the pressure he presented pushing so deep into her body. Deb convulsed hard as he rubbed her belly and finger fucked her pussy hard. John’s cock was throbbing, he fought to not cum. The idea of her mouth on him helped slow the urge to shoot sperm all over her legs and the side of the bed. Deb jerked and gasped a few last times before pushing his head and hands away. He could see the sheen on her body and smile. “You are good. I haven’t cum that hard in a long time,” she said fighting for breath. “My turn,” Deb smiled pulling her strength back as best she could.

Debbie dropped to the floor and finished opening his pants. His cock stood tall and wet in front of her face. A small string of his pre-cum dribbled from the tiny eye in his cock head. Gently she gripped his hard shaft causing John to tense and suck his breath. Her fingers were so soft on his cock. Deb looked up and licked the fluid off his cock head and then ran her tongue down the shaft. He was so hard. She knew it was because of her and that this was a new experience. She just hoped he wouldn’t shoot too fast. She wanted to enjoy taking his cock between her lips for a while.
“Oh, yeah… fuck!” John groaned as she licked his balls and shaft. Her technique was so good and she knew how to tease a man’s cock. He stood looking down as Deb studied and tasted his balls and cock. He wanted to fuck her so bad, but was more than willing to enjoy this forbidden moment. “Uhhh!” he grunted as she slipped her lips over his cock. He stared into her eyes as she started bobbing her head up and down on the stiff member. She could taste his leaking fluids and liked them. For some reason she decided that she wanted to let him cum in her mouth. Normally she pulled off her husband and just jerked his cum onto her chest.

John slowly moved his hips gently fucking her mouth. Deb let his shaft go deeper between her lips. Soon it was in her throat making her gag slightly. Her tongue and lips tugged on his turgid shaft. More juices leaked into Deb’s mouth and he could feel her swallow as his cock head entered her tight throat. She sucked his man meat lovingly really enjoying watching John’s stomach tighten as he gasped in pleasure.
She knew he was fighting not to cum and wanting to make this moment last for him. In a way she wanted to feel his sperm jet into her mouth, but the other half of her lust wanted to just watch him enjoy it for as long as he could. The way he was twisting his face in pleasure made her hot.
Deb reached down between her legs as she blew John. She stroked her clit and fingered herself. She felt her wedding band and worried. Slowly she pulled it off her left hand and slipped it on her right thumb. It was a weak attempt to not feel like she was doing something wrong. In her mind she was considering something more than this. Moving the ring seemed to ease her conscience a bit. John loved the way she lightly ran her teeth over his tender shaft. She did not hurt it, but sent huge bolts of pleasure through his stomach and balls. Outside of the light jazz music playing in the background the room was filled with his moans and the slurping sound of Deb’s mouth on his cock. In her mind she pained a decision.
Moving her mouth from his cock she looked up into John’s face. Hesitantly she said softly, “Take me John. Make love to me.” He could see she meant it and was still concerned moving to this act. As she stoked his cock he said, “Are you sure you want to go there?” Deb stared at him and paused. Then she said, “Yes, but don’t finish inside me. Okay?” He smiled and stroked her face, “Okay. I don’t have any condoms. Do you?” he asked.
She continued stroking his cock and watching it leaking on her fingers. “Just pull out and I will finish you with my mouth,” Deb said softly. She wanted his cock in her bad. Her mind was spinning about the decision, but she wanted it. In her mind she knew his cock was leaking some seed already, but if he didn’t pump it into her, that was probably okay. John was trembling by now. The idea of seeing his dick slide into this pretty blonde was overwhelming. He knew he would have to try very hard not to cum when he pushed his member into her soaked pussy. For a greedy second he considered just cumming in her and apologizing, but he liked Deb too much and could not do that.

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