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Not many beach voyeur sites offer genuine unstaged sex on the beach footage. That, however, is one of the many promises of Beach Hunters, whose content is provided by four or five ‘hunters’ who scour topless and nudist beaches filming people sunbathing, swimming and – if their luck is in – romping in the sand. It looks like most of the content is shot in naturist hotspots in eastern Europe such as the Crimea.

tan lines

Black Sea resort: girlfriend with tanlines gives head to stranger on air matress.

Although a lot of the older photos are vidcaps, many of them pretty poor ones in truth, there is still a huge amount of nice digital shots featuring a range of nudist beach activity. I like the way the contributors have different styles – one favours a birds-eye approach, one tends to concentrate on close-ups, another adopts a roving ‘beach-view’ approach, and so on. The material is almost exclusively of nudist rather than topless-only beaches. Image quality varies but is generally good, and 1600 pixels has been the standard resolution for a while.

Almost all of the videos are now shot in high definition (older clips are still pretty nice at 720×480), and for content of this kind the size of the archive is extremely impressive. About 1 in 10 of the videos are of sex on the beach, with the remainder comprising nudist footage. Nudism clips tend to be quite short at 1-2 minutes, the sex on the beach scenes are much longer at around 10-15 minutes. For genuine hardcore voyeur content, the quality and amount is pretty breathtaking. The video content is quite varied in style. Particularly intriguing is the footage from Neptune Day, an annual event held by Crimean naturists which appears to be simply an excuse to undertake a mass body-painting exercise and dance around a lot. There are also some beach cabin clips, which, despite being obviously staged, are nevertheless great quality and feature some very attractive girls.

Unusually for a voyeur site, there is quite a sophisticated search function built in, enabling members to search according to theme (topless, nudism, sex on the beach, changing room) as well as by loader (photographer) and by age, body size and objects (I think they mean subjects!). This works really well at narrowing down the type of stuff on offer – big thumbs up for that. Overall, Beach Hunters is an absolute must for fans of genuine beach nudism or sex on the beach footage. The amount of high resolution video footage on offer is pretty remarkable for a site in this niche.

sex on the beach

One thing leads to another. Salty sea air makes horny.

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