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For those unfortunate enough not to live close enough to the coast to enjoy the spectacle of nearly-naked girls sunning themselves on the beach, the internet has been a true blessing. To be honest, though, there aren’t that many really great beach voyeur sites out there, presumably because of the difficulties of shooting the material in such obviously public places. After an extended shufty at Beach Candids, I am happy to report that this makes a good case for inclusion in that select group, however.

busty chicksLet’s get the bad news out of the way first. The real crippler is that there have been no movie updates since May 2007. For a site advertising high quality candid beach clips, that is not a happy fact. What makes it doubly annoying is that the video content produced up to that point is actually fairly good. The first batch of clips adopt a zoomed-in style which, in its little-left-to-the-imagination way, is quite appealing and distinctive, despite the picture being a little washed-out. The more recent footage is more standard, a bit like you’d see at market leading site I Love the Beach. The resolution of these clips is excellent, although there is the occasional blockiness and the camerawork is a bit shaky on some. I don’t like the way all of the videos are listed on one page, as well, and for some reason this particular page looks a complete mess on my browser of choice (Firefox). The second issue with this site is that most of the content is non-nude. That’s not a problem for those who are happy enough with bikini content of course, but it’s best to know what you’re getting before you sign up. On the whole I’d say about 20 per cent of the stuff contains toplessness, and there is no full frontal content. Some of the picture galleries contain no nudity at all, in fact.

Here’s the good bit though: the pictures are huge. A resolution of 2400 pixels is absolutely first rate for candid public photography, and, with isolated exceptions, there is no loss of sharpness because of the size here. The images are generally of the girls walking around or playing on the beach rather than lying down sunbathing, and there is clearly some quite strict quality control going on regarding how pretty a girl needs to be before the camera finger is prompted into action. For the most part the galleries contain a mix of different girls, though sometimes a gallery will contain a small crop of images which are barely distinguishable from one another. In keeping with much candid photography (especially non-nude stuff), there are a lot of shots of the girls’ asses. In short, Beach Candids is a real mixed bag. The death of the video content and the absence of nudity pretty much destroy any big-league pretensions it might have, but for fantastic quality photos of girls in bikinis this site delivers big time.

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