Barefoot Domination

Here we have another interesting crossover of fetishes, proving once again that the variety of mankind’s sexual inclinations knows no limit. You can get a fair bit of domination-style content in foot fetish sites, and trampling is a stock tool of subjugation in femdom content, so you probably couldn’t describe the content here as totally unique. But I for one am certainly interested to discover how the site combines two very popular niches, and from the previews it looks like this is going to be a very stylish production indeed.

A quick look confirms that this is not your average femdom site. The guys aren’t bound or restrained in any way really, and there’s no kinky fetish gear on show. Instead they simply lie on the floor and let themselves be prodded and smothered by the girls’ bare feet. As such this is a fairly unusual and exciting take on a foot fetish site rather than simply a variant on a BDSM theme. The action consists of a variety of foot licking, crotch rubbing with the feet and slightly more aggressive use of the feet (but never anything really violent). The girls rub the guy’s erect cock with their feet and/or their hands in some scenes, and often they will perch themselves, pantieless, on the guy’s face and massage his cock with the feet. Even though the domination levels are moderate, it’s obvious that most of the dudes are getting incredibly turned on by the girls.

foot smother

The girls are usually either dressed all the way through or bottomless, and in the latter case the low-down camera angle allows plenty of views of their ‘undercarriage’. Quite often the girls start off wearing shoes (typically heels), and then take them off as the action gets hotter. The guys, most of whom are handsome Latinos, usually have their tops off at least. Video quality is superb, and in fact the production is generally smooth and stylish. Resolution is at DVD levels and picture quality is ultra-realistic, with ‘perfect’ rendition of the models and surroundings. An iPod version is apparently offered on top of the Windows one, but unfortunately I couldn’t get this to work. The only photos on the sites are vidcaps, which are clearly taken at intervals from the videos (so the first few images are of their introductory logo etc!).

The site has an impressively clean and modern look, in keeping with the stylishly presented content. A new video is added consistently every week, meaning that, if it continues to grow at that rate, within a short amount of time Barefoot Domination will occupy a strong position in the foot fetish niche. It’s a really classy production all told, representing a high quality and original foot fetish and trampling crossover site.

We are sorry, but barefootdomination dot com is no longer online.

Sample video sequence from Barefoot Domination.

Sample video sequence from Barefoot Domination.

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