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Over 3,000 models, more than a million and a half images and almost 10,000 videos – if there’s a larger collection of ethnic porn out there, I’d like to see it. Welcome to ATK Exotics, people. ‘Exotics’ here means basically everything apart from white, so principally that means black, Asian and Latina girls. The models are mostly under 25, usually pretty (typically in a cute girl-next-door rather than glamour bombshell kind of a way) and slim, with the exception of their ‘thick women’ category. Quite a lot of the girls are unshaved – though if that niche is more your thing you should check out the sister site ATK Natural and Hairy.

Ebony Danielle

Famous model Danielle is one of the exotic girls of ATK.

The content is a real mix, as you might expect in such a gargantuan collection, so whether it’s softcore posing, lesbian sex or hardcore pumping that floats your boat, there’s a barrowload of it here. Maximum image resolution is either 1600 or 1024 pixels – not exactly astronomic, but the images are professionally shot and perfect looking in terms of colour and sharpness. The latest videos are offered at an unusual resolution of 854×480, which is a kind of widescreen DVD resolution and not a million miles away from the lower end of the high def spectrum. These clips look very good, though even the older ones are watchable despite the lower resolution.

ATK have always been about substance over style: they’ve never really cared much for flashy designs or sophisticated navigational systems (though their latest Petites offering suggests that attitude is changing), but I do wish they’d ditch the confusing volumes structure which is needlessly confusing. Thankfully there is a very sophisticated search engine, which allows you to filter by type of action and model characteristic. You’ll probably end up using this a lot because of the size of the collection and the distinctly unintuitive volumes system. There isn’t much in the way of bonus content, but if ever there was a site where you wouldn’t need it then this is it. Nevertheless they’ve recently introduced some live cams, which always have their fair share of devotees. But essentially this is by far and away the biggest and best collection of amateur ethnic porn you’ll ever have the fortune to stumble across, so without further ado I suggest you go and check it out.

Visit here and see all at: ATK Exotics.

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