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You probably are familiar with webcams in general and see a lot of Asian talent online. Where do all those Asians come from? Most of them are from the Philippines, the only country in South East Asia where people learn English as a second language from childhood on. Filipinos adore Americans – or “Joes” as they call them. They stand as a synonym for kind and helping foreigners because America has freed The Philippines from cruel Japanese occupation in World War 2. Many Filipina women dream about finding a foreign husband. Live in the Philippines, one of the poorest countries in the World, is difficult and not save at all.

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Private video chat scene captured in Philippine bathroom

Asian Cam Models has been one of the first cybersex chat sites from the Philippines. It started out as an internet cafe in Angeles City, Philippines around 1999. Employees of that internet cafe Jade Cool were chatting with clients from all over the world and many of them were asking to see these beautiful girls naked while online. Soon, “Jade Cool” created backoffices where Filipinas would get naked for their customers. It was a great opportunity for those girls to meet foreigners. They were used to meet them before inside bars. Angeles City was a vice town with rampant prostitution, drugs and crime. Inside a cybersex studio they had the safety and anonymity they wanted while being able to earn money with private video chat sessions. Long story made short. The cops didn’t like that idea and closed Jade Cool down. Bars owners complained about lack of talent and so the girls had to go back to bikini dancing.
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Thanks to modern technology the first cam portals rose out of the dust. Small studios and independent performers were able to apply as freelancers on Asian Cam Models platform to broadcast shows to their old Jade Cool customers. Angeles City and it’s area around Astropark started to transform from a prostitution hotspot to a cyber sex metropolis.

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Many Filipinas have big boobs and brown nipples as one may see

Today, Asian Cam Models is pretty much like any other webcam portal with the exception they are mainly Filipina camgirls online. A few Thais and Europeans, but the majority is from the Philippines. Around 300 cyber maids compete to capture customers from free chat sessions while transforming them to paid customers in private video chat. Compared to other cam portals, ACM is rather cheap with prices as low as 49Cents. Customers pay whenever they want to recharge their wallet. There are no automatic rebills and no upsells. That’s very customer friendly and the way it should be.
ACM has undergone heavy changes in design and technological upgrades in 2014. It looks much better today than it did in the past. On the downside, internet speed in the Philippines is rather slow and therefore can’t compare with highspeed internet from more developed countries.
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