Ami Jordan

It might not impress her parents much, but the fact is that Ami Jordan was born to be a porn star. She is one confident, sexy young girl, with the some would say stereotypical look of blonde hair, great body and huge 36DD knockers. Ami is bisexual, says she would love to go to Italy and claims to be attracted to guys with manners. Is this normal for a girl from Tennessee? I’ve no idea.

Starting with the photos, I was pretty impressed. Resolution is good at 1500 pixels, and the standards are professional with nice clarity and lighting. Most of the shoots are indoors, though a couple are in private gardens. A new photo gallery is uploaded once a week on average, acceptable for a solo site, and ZIP files are offered to facilitate rapid downloading.

The video clips are a mixture of everyday stuff such as showering, smoking and the like, together with plenty of sexual content including masturbation (sometimes with a friend) and a few blowjob scenes. The focus is often on Ami’s majestic breasts – in more than one clip we just see her fondling them close up (her face not even in view), in others she jiggles them around or rubs a dildo between them. The clips aren’t especially lengthy, but the fantastic 1280×720 resolution certainly means you won’t be straining your eyes.

Ami’s diary posts are sporadic, but at least we get some insight into her ‘real’ life (she seems a pretty regular girl, apart from that voracious sexual appetite of course). It’s also possible to send private messages to her, though I’m not sure how quickly she responds (I didn’t try, as I’m not sure I could have said anything which didn’t refer in some humiliating way to how incredible I find her boobs). The content is categorised with tags, which is good, but there isn’t really enough of it yet to make a difference. It’s also pleasing to see Ami has a survey on there – let’s hope she takes some of the members’ suggestions on board.

All Ami’s site needs is some time to grow, because I fancy a lot of people will be interested in seeing more of this young starlet. It could do with more videos, in particular, as well some more interaction and perhaps a little more effort in terms of presentation.

So very sorry, but Ami Jordan ( is offline.

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