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Amateur Upskirts has content dating back to March 2004, so this is a site of decent vintage. Given the name, I was expecting either a voyeuristic site featuring candid public upskirt stuff, or else some user-submitted material of girlfriends and wives. In fact neither proves to be the case. Almost all of the content is posed, and the models are mostly well-known American girls such as Jamie Lynn and Bree Olson. Not a problem, of course (seeing the delectable Ms Lynn naked is as far from problematic as it’s possible to get), but it’s always best to know what you’re going to get.

In fact the ‘upskirts’ description might be pushing it a little bit, as well, since the content is pretty much generic panties stuff. Most of the scenes feature just the one girl posing up to the camera, gyrating and pulling her panties aside to reveal her pussy. This is usually followed by the model masturbating, usually with a dildo. Sometimes the angles can get interesting, as the camera roves around the girls’ bodies exploring all around their delicious cracks. The girls are rarely fully naked, instead they pull their tops down or lift their dresses up without disrobing completely. There isn’t anything truly kinky going on here, but it’s explicit and entertaining.

Photographic quality is good, with images up to 1280 pixels, though don’t expect anything that size in the earliest updates. Not that the older stuff is a write-off – in fact this looks like this might be a great source for finding some older and more rare work of your favourite model. Video quality has increased gradually over the years, and the latest are practically at DVD resolution, with the option of a smaller iPod format as well. I was slightly surprised to find that there are more videos than photo galleries, actually, and there is a good amount of content overall owing to the age of the site and the twice weekly updating.

The design of the site is not exactly glossy or sparkling with invention, but it gets the job done of allowing you to access each part of the site without much trouble – though I’m not sure including the model index on the home page is such a hot idea. Having only 10 thumbnails per page of the photo galleries also results in plenty of clicking to get to the end of galleries, an issue salvaged to a point by the availability of ZIP files.

Overall, although it lacks some of the trappings of more professional productions and you won’t find much in the way of amateurs or upskirts here, this is a large site with plenty to see. And the slightly steep asking price is easier to stomach when you consider that two bonus sites (Michelle Lynn and Pantyhose Amateurs, by no means throwaway extras), are thrown in as well.

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