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Respectful photo sets of sexy Asians who are professional bargirls is the presentation here. They are all women from the Philippines. What does bargirl stand for? It’s the friendly term for prostitutes. They work out of bars where they dance and build relationships with the patrons. Once a patron pays a barfine to the bar the girls receive a doorpass that allows them to leave work early – if they like the guy that is. It’s meant as compensation for the bar for the loss of her work. The actual deed between the bargirl and patron are negotiated between the them in private. In most cases the fees are moderate compared to Western countries and the service is always GFE (the girlfriend experience).

angeles city casting

Amihan enjoys her first casting inside a real photo studio.

For photographers bars in Angeles City are a very frugal and fertile hunting ground for finding models. Usually, bargirls receive 1500 to 3000 Piso (25 US$ to 60 US$) for having sex with a foreigner all night and just around 200 Piso (4 US$) for a day of dancing in the bar until late night. When a foreign photographer comes into town they make a lot of more money. Sometimes, generous photographers pay them 10000 to 20000 Piso (200 to 400 US$). That’s a lot of money for them for 3 hours of posing. Anyhow, Filipinas are very photogenic and love to have their images taken. Asking them to pose for nudes takes some persuasion, but in most cases they will happily agree. Now, you know why there are so many nude pictures of Filipinas and Asian bargirls online. They just love to have their picture taken and the shooters enjoy sharing their exploits with brothers. After all, a sexy exotic Pinays in bed is like having a date with a beauty queen.

Online Meeting Point: Filipina Webcams

Back to the site: Amateur Asian Bargirls. It’s mainly a softcore nude photography site. The setup is simple. A photo studio with a backdrop and flashlights and a chick that goes from dressed to naked over the course of 50 to 60 frames. Some are slow and shy, others more willing to get down to the bone. It’s all very respectful and fun for the models. None of them needs to show more than she wants and they all seem to feel very comfortable with the level of nudity. Critics may say the girls are too tame and they have a point. After all each of the models works as a bargirls (prostitutes) and they are having sex with strange men all the time. They could show a little more of course. At the end it’s a good marketing for them as some of their fans will want to jump on the airplane to The Philippines in hope to meet some of the spiffy bargirls from this site and make romantic meeting with them or hire them for a nude art photo shooting or go as far as other sites and shoot a Filipina porn movie with them.

Visit here: Amateur Asian Bargirls (The site moved to Tumblr and no longer shows its original paysite content)


Ana from Angeles City is a very wild bargirl. She played in various adult movies, i.e. in an exclusive episode of Trike Patrol

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