About Eroticult

The goal of Eroticult dot com is to be an alternative source for reviews of premium adult sites offering erotic and nude content. There are so many ordinary porn sites out there, and no one can realistically expect to cover every genre in detail. We focus on sites primarily offering sensual and erotic content and not simply straightforward sex. Eroticult reviews sites containing hardcore content under the condition when that intercourse is a minor or secondary aspect. Our hope is to offer completely authoritative and comprehensive insight about the best erotic pay sites without any pressure. We prefer to review and present membership sites that engage fantasies and erotic dreams, presentations that show sexuality in a respectful angle and feed sensous desires. We are also publishing sites offering information and knowledge (i.e. photography or videography tutorials).

How do we review sites?

We write reviews out of curiosity and of course we strive to create a professional result our readers will find useful. That’s how we can produce good articles. In other cases we participate in the sales as an affiliate. However, Eroticult always puts the readers’ search for information first.

Who writes erotic reviews?

We are a small network of freelance webmasters, each of us with expertise in particular niches. In some cases we republish old reviews for reference or articles that have been submitted to Eroticult or any other site for the purpose of information. The reader comes first, however, in some cases we may be compensated for creating and publishing reviews. However, our texts will always be as objective and critical as possible.

How to submit an erotic site for review

Site owners who wish to have their sites reviewed on Eroticult may contact us via email at master * eroticult.com in proper format. Please, include your site info in your correspondence and we will get back to you with our requirements.

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