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The natural erotic complement to high definition technology, ‘close up’ sites are an well established pornographic niche. Sensibly recognizing that, if you’re going to look at people’s bodies that intimately, your best bet is to choose sexy nubile women as your subject, 18 Close Up promises ultra-zoomed-in videos of cute teens in high-resolution quality.

The videos for each model are broken down into anywhere between 2 and 12 segments, each about 5 minutes long. The action usually starts sedately, with a sensual striptease and some boob play, before the proper close in stuff gets going. When it does, the material is very close to theme, with the camera moving all around the models’ bodies and the girls spreading their pussy lips right next to the camera for extended periods. Occasionally the focus is on other parts of the body (mainly the boobs, though there are some sweet close ups of the girls’ mouths too sometimes).

peepshow Prague

Most scenes open like inside a peeps show, a form of erotic entertainment where people can observe female genitals, but we have to wait for the tease to complete, first.

Although the girls mostly simply pose for the camera, the last one or two scenes for quite a few of the sets features them masturbating with fingers or a dildo, or messing around with beads or a speculum. There is a solitary girl-girl scene to date, which is relatively explicit, but the focus is definitely on the solo softcore side of things here. The models are eastern European and very pretty, and although they are not exclusive to this site they don’t have the internet saturation of some others.

Exceptional video quality is promised and, on the whole, delivered. There are 38 models so far, of which 18 are featured in ‘HD’ resolution of 1920 x 1080, 8 are available in ‘HDV’ resolution of 1280 x 1070 and 12 are offered only in the lower resolution of 640 x 480. The technical standard is very high, though there is perhaps a slight lack of vibrancy in the colors on some of the videos. The latest clips go up to 8000 kbps, which is pretty much the highest you’ll see anywhere on the internet. Updates for each girl are usually spread over quite a long period, which has the benefit of variety but the drawback of meaning you can be waiting a while for all the clips of a certain girl.


It’s time to zoom in and observe the moist exhibit in detail with no time pressure. Very attractive meat structures.

18 Close Up is a clearly a very impressive site, delivering on its key promises of extreme close up content and first rate video quality. It’s not the most professional offering out there: the site design is somewhat basic, there is no proper photo content (video caps only) and navigation is not what it might be. But it has made an assured start in a relatively untapped niche.

*Note about membership options: $29.90 per month gets you access to the 1920 x 1080 resolution videos where available, $23.90 gets you access to videos in up to 1280 x 720 resolution, $17.20 gets you standard access of 640 x 480 resolution videos only.

Visit Homepage: www.18closeup.com

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